Error submiting sitmap to google

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:

I’m using this software:

Additional information:
i try submiting my website sitemap to google search console but i am geting this error coundnt fetch sitmap not found

This error also happens to me. Is it because of InfinityFree?

why is it infinityfree

This is a known bug on Google’s side but I don’t know if they already fixed it though. Read it from here. I also validated my sitemap.xml and still, couldn’t fetch it.

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so what the solution

so u mean i cant use search console on my site

But, I am not sure if that protection really block bot from Google console.
First, make sure you input your sitemap URL correctly. Also, try to visit your sitemap from your browser.
If still error from the console, then it’s blocked by protection.

You still can add your sitemap on Google console if you use CloudFlare nameserver/proxy. But, you will not get benefit from that bot protection & your site will hit its daily limit because many bots visit your site.

ok thanks

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