please my web address is when i try opening i get ““err_ssl_protocol_error””.i have instaled wordpress and when i try open my dashboard through “”,i get the same error message.when i change https to http,i get the same error again .please help

I’m havving the same issue. I realized that Recaptcha wasn’t working due to SSL error and now PHPmailer isn’t working anymore.
Hope the admins could let us know how to solve this SSL error in our sites.

You need to make sure that the SSL certificate is installed for your domain on your hosting account, but SSL certificates with the client area tool can’t be made on subdomains because of Let’s Encrypt rate limiting issues. So you need to change the website URL from HTTPS to HTTP, and this part of article even though it’s made for Cloudflare Flexible SSL also works for other errors (like the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR).


@bkp_productions Your domain name doesn’t work because you’re forcing traffic to HTTPS. But to use HTTPS, you need to have a valid SSL certificate installed on the domain, which you don’t have. Unfortunately, there isn’t a recommended way right now to get SSL certificates for subdomains, so your best bet is to move the website back to HTTP.

@epareja ReCaptcha was broken before due to outdated OpenSSL on our PHP installation. However, OpenSSL was upgraded a few days ago, so this issue should be fixed. Also, SSL errors people see when connecting to your site, and SSL errors while connecting to other sites from your code are very different issues with very different causes. So if you do still have issues like that, please create a new topic.


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