Error, Please contact support.

Well, my account was suspended for inactivity, I logged in again, and it’s now reactivated (It wasn’t reactivated today) a couple of weeks ago. There’s only one problem, I keep getting an error in the redirects and other options in the control panel.

The Error:

“Error, 9385928349285635786 please contact support”

Most useful support forum ever. Over 1 month and no reply… Great :smiley:

There is no need to use sarcasm here.

We truly apologise for making you wait so long.
This unfortunately is how this forum system works. There is no way to check if there are any unanswered topics, we can only see the ones at top, but sometimes there are too many help requests and some of them simply get buried deeper and we do not even notice them.

If you feel like your topic has not been noticed just post Bump in it as a reply and do not wait this long.

Does this error affect all your cPanel modules or only specific ones?

Keep in mind that we have a new account management system.

But if I am right it seems like you have already gotten onto your account.

Unfortunately I am not very aware of this error and I cannot really tell you what could cause it. @Admin is more aware of problems and errors that are not that common.


Well, first of all I need to know two things:

  1. Do you still get this error after a month?
  2. What’s your account username so I can check it?
  1. Yes I still do get this error.
  2. fceu_17894085

The reason you can’t do anything on your account right now is because your account doesn’t have any domains attached to it. You first need to add a domain name to your account (through the addon domains or subdomains section) before you can do things like configure redirects.

What about the main domain? Why isn’t it working?

What about the main domain? Why isn’t it working?

If you’re referring to the main domain in your client area, that’s the domain you used to create the account. However, it does not reflect what domains are currently attached to your account. If you delete the main domain from your addon domains, it will not show your website anymore and you will need to add it to your account again to make it work.

Thanks for clarifying. Have a good day :slight_smile: