Error pages not working

So basically I accidentally deleted my domain, then got it back up again by typing in that exact domain ( A folder with the name appeared, and I was able to transfer my files. The thing is, before I accidentally deleted it, there was just an htdocs folder, not the name of the website as a folder. Anyways, I didn’t get a chance to update a wrong URL link on my webpage because of the problems yesterday, so when I clicked on the button on my webpage that goes to the wrong URL, I got the infinityfree 404 error. I transferred my .htaccess, which included my error pages, as well as the pages themselves to the new location, but it doesn’t show those errors. Instead, it shows the infinityfree errors. The links themselves work (I can access the error pages, but they won’t show up if there actually is an error). Can someone help me?
Update: I found out the problem: All the error pages work fine except for the 404.html.

Is this how should it appear if I type a non-existing page?

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