Error: Oops … the connection was lost (wordpress)

Hi, since yesterday, I have been trying to install wordpress on my subdomain, but I get this error:

I go to softaculous, I select wordpres, I follow the steps, but in the end I get that error.
Can please, someone help me o tell me how to fix it? Thank you!

Since WP script does not seem to work on your account, you can do this manually

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Ok, after a lot of trying I finally got it.

Things to keep in mind if you get the same error:

1- Follow all the normal installation steps from the same tab, that is, go to softaculous, select wordpres (be fast when doing it, do not wait or do other things while doing this)
2- When you are installing select in English language (you can change it after installation within the wordpres options section, so don’t worry about that now) and have the username and password that you are going to use at hand ( again be quick to do this you can have everything in excel so it would only be copy and paste)
3- DO NOT SELECT A THEME !!! Let the program install the basic one by default! Again, do everything quickly, and leave the tab open, do not change it, and do not do other things while loading.

And that’s it!

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Thank you for your reply, but I finally got it.

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