Error Installing App

I am getting following error while installing YetiForce from Softaculous.

The following errors were found :

*** Could not make the query numbered : 281**
MySQL Error No : 1071
MySQL Error : Specified key was too long; max key length is 1000 bytes


@Admin Can you please look into this ?

It’s because it requires InnoDB, which isn’t supported at this hosting.


Is there any other way of installing it on InfinityFree Server ?

You need to make sure your software is using MyISAM instead of InnoDB, otherwise it won’t be installing. If your software is using only (and requires) InnoDB, I’m sorry to say that you need to upgrade to Premium Hosting to have InnoDB support.

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You can try a manual installation. Most software has official installation instructions, which you may be able to follow and complete successfully on our hosting.

But if your software requires InnoDB, then it can’t be run on free hosting.


I tried copying their zip and uploaded, but zip gets automatically deleted after upload. it happens via both web and filezilla

That’s because it exceeds the maximum file size for uploads (10MB)

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