error in website

Greetings dear my website has been suspended on 2 occasions due to excess ram memory but I can’t find a way to fix it help me my official email is HIDDEN BY MOD

This means your website is consuming a lot of server power and have to be suspended in order to protect our servers.

You might wanted to remove some heavy frameworks / themes / plugins in order to reduce RAM usage.
Since it was 2 times it wasn’t probably a false positive. I kindly ask you review your site.

Nobody except mods / admin can see it. Please don’t expect private support as this whole service is FREE.


Yes, and there’s a good reason for that - security and safety.

Don’t post information that can be used to more easily identify you personally, like emails, names or passwords (yes, we have had passwords revealed when people send us code for stuff like database access or ftp issues). It opens you up to bots who have deemed this forum a great place to spy on. Help forums can be full of identifying content, especially from people who aren’t as educated on security and web safety.


Yes, it seems that in the last few weeks, RAM limit suspensions have become a lot more common. I actually wrote something about it in another topic a few hours ago:

Your site also seems to be using Elementor, and there are also traces of backup/restore plugins, so maybe that’s the common cause for this?


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