Error establishing a database connection

Error establishing a database connection

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I tried to optimize my database but when i did it, the message poped up and now i am not able to open my website. Is their any way i can fix this?

How you optimized your database???

Can you access db using cpanel?
If yes, then check your db credentials!


I can access data base using cpanel but how can i check db credentials

I used advanced database optimizer plugin

I tried using wp config still no results , i am really confused.

That could be the problem. It sounds like it will only make things slower and add in one more thing to break. Try removing this plugin.


I cannot acess my dashoard or anything else

Hi Bilvpedia,

Try to rename the folder wp-contents/plugins to something like x-plugins and try to access your dashboard, this action disables all plugins you have and temporarily restores the WordPress into a default state, your website may break temporarily but at least you can access the admin panel. Once you’re in, you can rename the folder back to plugins, this action restores the plugins with a disabled state from the admin control panel. Renable one at a time until you locate the one that is causing you trouble.

Once you find which one is the troublemaker, just repeat the above steps to restore access to the admin panel, then re-enable everything except for that one plugin, then you can either keep it disabled for further troubleshooting or simply remove it.



By the way, the optimizer plugin rarely does anything actually making your site faster, even on paid hosting. All these do is make cache files and take up space, causing update issues and something like what you encounter. If you install more than one of these and have more than one caching plugin enabled, they will fight for the final caching load each time someone visits your site. As each optimizer plugin developer thinks they are doing their best job, they would not detect if other optimizers exist and redo their thing.


I tried and still no result

Hi Blivpedia,

Would you please elaborate?

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I am unable to find the issue, it says that the databases are okay and then when i try to open my site there is message as above

Thanks, the issue has solved wp-options table was currupt.

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