Error establishing a database connection

I have checked

It seems that there is a connection issue between the website server and the database server. The database server itself seems to be up (if it wasn’t, you wouldn’t be able to see any databases in the control panel, let alone access them through phpMyAdmin, which all works).

It would seem that this affects other websites as well. However, this URL was the only URL where I could see a database connection issue.

In general, if something on your website is not working, please always share a URL to a page on your website where you can see that it’s not working. A database hostname alone, or a link to a page that doesn’t appear to use a database, doesn’t tell me anything.

Finally, when dealing with database errors, please check this article first:

And please always try to get the real error message from the database. WordPress has the WP_DEBUG flag you can enable to get the actual error message. “Error establishing a database connection” could be anything.

Actually, as I was writing this, the database connection appears to have come up.