Error deleting files with FTP

Hi, I would like to know how I can delete the settings and files that are created when creating a domain, I want to delete everything so I can upload my own files and folders but it does not let me delete the files created by default and I always get the 404 error I try to delete the “htacces” but it did not work so it wants to erase completely all the data that came from the factory. In fact those folders are recreated and it doesn’t let me upload files or folders. I am looking forward to your response

You can’t delete all the folders and files on the / location, because they are owned by the root user.

If you want to upload your own website, you can upload it to the htdocs folder of the domain you’re trying to set up. This is either the main htdocs folder, or the htdocs folder of within a folder matching your domain name.

Note that you cannot upload files outside the htdocs folders of your account. Only the hosting system itself can create files there, which are generally system files which you shouldn’t touch unless you know what you’re doing.


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