Error Database

Hello, I have error database

Error Number: HY000/1728

Cannot load from mysql.proc. The table is probably corrupted

SELECT GetFamilyTree(id) as id FROM organization WHERE id =3

Filename: models/Organization_model.php

Line Number: 80


On which database do you experience this issue?

You provided a table name, but no database name, database server or even account username. I can’t check a database table if I don’t know where that table is.


MySQL Databases for epiz_28389894

Serveur: Base de données: epiz_28389894_devjo

Thank you.

I tried the query you provided on that able, and I also get the table corruption error.

However, when I just try SELECT id FROM organization WHERE id =3, then the query just works, which gives me the idea that the table itself is fine.

So what is this GetFamilyTree(...) part of your query then? I don’t recognize it as being an official SQL statement and our databases don’t allow setting up custom functions/routines. So what is it even and what does it do?


Good morning,

Thank you for your feedback, can I leave you secure access to my account or table?

Admin already has access to your database, so there is no need to provide it.

Instead, can you anwser his question?


That’s a good question, I’m just a beginner.

If you don’t know what that function is, your code is incorrect then. Please revise your SQL query to be correct!


Oh… now I see why you saw this error.

It says the mysql.proc table is corrupted. That’s the system table from MySQL itself where custom functions are stored. This system table is corrupted, which is why it cannot load the requested function.

While we could fix the table corruption, it’s not going to make your query work. Because with a working table, MySQL would simply tell you that the requested function does not exist. And if you were to try to create the function, MySQL would tell you that you’re not allowed to do that.

So please rewrite your queries to not use custom functions, or ask the author of the code about it.


Ok thanks you very much

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