Error code 522

I’m having trouble accessing my site and it shows me this error
Error code 522
Is there anyone help me to solve this problem?
Website link:

Seems like the IP your website is on ( is currently down for now, maybe because of a DDoS attack or for maintenance. You’ll have to wait until this gets fixed.


Thanks for responding so quickly
Does this problem happen often and how long does it take to fix the problem?

This problem rarely happens; it’ll finish after the DDoS attack or the maintenance period on that server is gone, maybe in some days (even some hours or some minutes). If you don’t want to wait, you can create a new hosting account with that domain after you changed the nameservers to ours again, removed it from the old hosting account and waited a while for DNS propagation to happen. Then you can dig the new website IP (or wait for it to show on the Client Area), change your nameservers back to Cloudflare’s ones and change the records for your domain so it points to the new hosting account’s IP.

EDIT: It got fixed! It’s up now! You can visit your website and see if it works!


This process is very long, I prefer to wait. Well, thank you for your reply. Have a nice day.


The IP is back up now, and your website is working for me.

Happy Hosting!


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