Error code: -3001

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is:
When I try to publish I get this error message:
“This host uses multiple databases. In order to transfer it, only one database must be mapped to it.
Error: -3001”

I’m using this software:
I am using MAMP PRO 5.2.2 to try to remote publish a site I’m working on.

Additional information:
When I go into my control panel, there is only the one database present in 'mySQL Databases, and it says I am using 1 of 400. When I go into PHPMyAdmin, it appears that the host name is instead of And I don’t seem to be allowed to view all of the databases. Not sure if that DB host holds databases for other users, and MAMP just doesn’t like that? And I’m not sure if there is a way around it on here…

I’m not familiar with MAMP PRO, so I’m not entirely sure about how it works. But as far as I can tell from their documentation, it tries to setup the database on your hosting account by directly interfacing with the database.

However, this is not possible in free hosting. The databases are only reachable from within our hosting cluster, meaning you can use it from PHP code on your account, and from our phpMyAdmin installation. The ability to access your database from remote systems is a feature which is only available on premium hosting.

The remote file editing with MAMP should still work, but the remote database administration, sadly, will not.

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