Error accessing PHP directives

Boa noite ! Quando clico em alterar as diretivas do PHP, elas não abrem, estou tentando desde mais cedo, mais não consigo alguém passou por esse problema e conseguiu resolver ?

Translation: Good night ! When I click on change the PHP directives, they do not open, I am trying from an earlier time, but I can’t find someone who went through this problem and managed to solve it?

It works for me. Try clearing your cookies and cache before opening it.


What do you mean “they do not open”? What do you see exactly?

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Ao clicar no botão ele deve abrir uma caixa de opções, porém o meu não está abrindo.

Translation by MOD: When clicking on the button it should open an options box, but mine is not opening.

Tentei isso aqui e ainda assim o meu não abre.

Translation by MOD: I tried it here and still mine doesn’t open.

Please note that this is an English community forum, and so you must speak in English or at least provide a machine translation of the content. Since you didn’t do one of those I added the translation on the relative messages, but next time please speak in English. Also, maybe a screenshot should help us analyze the problem?


Working fine from here:

Again, what do you SEE? “It doesn’t open” is a conclusion you draw based on what you see. What happens when you click the button? Do you go back to the previous page? Does the page stay the same? Does the page refresh? Do you see a blank page? Is there any error message?

It’s clear that it’s not working as expected for you. But without knowing what it does do for you, I have no idea what the issue could be, especially since I cannot reproduce it.


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