Error 522

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Error Message : error 522

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my websute show error 522

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but this error almost every day sir

No issue



can i have 2 or 3 ip adress for my website? redirect ip address if this error show up again

yess…about 5-15 menute but everyday sir…everyday once or twice error 522 show up on my website

if it’s once a week or once a month it doesn’t matter. but this is every day sir

if it’s once a week or once a month it doesn’t matter. but this is every day sir if it’s once a week or once a month it doesn’t matter.

Maybe use a service like Uptime Robot ( to monitor your site and gather more conclusive data?


The problem is not the IP address, the problem is that the server which your website is hosted on is down. Assigning a different IP to the same server will not fix anything.

I will admit that the .215 IP has been quite unreliable. Please rest assured that we are doing our best to resolve whatever issues are causing that. If you don’t want to wait, you can also choose to remove the domain from this account, and create a new account instead. That account should be setup on a different server, which should be more stable.


wwhat do tou mean new account? new email and than sign up again or i can used my old email?

now my website is down again

its normal again…what the hell is going on?? three time a day?

hello sir…i try to ping my ip but request time out. The error from here ( infinityfree )

That’s normal. Ping requests are always blocked.

He is talking about hosting accounts in that quote.


No need to sign up again. Just create a new hosting account. In the client area, simply go to Accounts, and click Create Account.

You can have up to three hosting accounts per person.


ddos attacks have caused this singular ip to be multiple times null’d dont move please .


this day my website is normal. No “down” anymore but i dont know,i hope yesterday is the last error 522 on my website.

ok,but for add same url website,old url on the old account must be deleted first. The problem is, if i deleted old account, i have to wait 2 or 3 days untill the account 100% deleted. this ridicolous.

As mentioned in a similar topic: