Error 522 Connection timed out

I cant get on my website now.

Same… My website cannot access cloudflare error 522 connection timeout

Hope they fix it soon

what hosting volume are you on?

i am on vol6_3

find out by going to control panel and looking on the side bar

same, i am on vol6_4 i cant access my website… error 522 connection time out… also softaculous not working “Child failed to make LIVEAPI connection to cPanel.” and sometimes when i try to access cpanel said “your connection are not private” back to safety “NET::ERR_CER_DATE_INVALID”

What happend to infinityfree?? :neutral:


I am going to try again tomorrow morning to see if the problem gets fixed.

Still not fixed

What is your website url

Complain there. Do not create mutliple threads for the same issue.

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