Error 508 (LoopDetected)

My website URL is: Site 1 and Site 2

What I’m seeing is: Both sites load defectively, and after a moment I’m shown a white screen with the word “Error”, nothing more. If I try to log into the Control Panel of my sites (both were developed in Joomla), sometimes the session closes by its own and I return to my website.

I’m using this software: I’m running Joomla 3.9.16 in both sites.

Additional information: I checked my quota of inodes and it’s perfect in both sites, as well as the consumption of resources, the number of daily requests, the database, etc. As I had made modifications to my .htaccess file to optimize the cache, etc. I removed it, thinking that maybe it was causing some error, but the problem persists.
I ran some tests on host-tracker and the result on both sites is pretty much the same: 44 fail and 6 ok, showing error 508 (loop detected) in most of them. Also, in the past few days I’ve had some random errors connecting to the database.

The site is certified by Cloudflare (“flexible” mode).

I would appreciate any information you can provide me in this regard. Best regards!

Fliexible SSL can cause some scripts to get confused. With Flexible SSL, the connection between your visitors and Cloudflare is encrypted, but the connection between Cloudflare and our server is not. An improperly configured website will see that the connection to the server is not secure, and will attempt to redirect the visitor to HTTPS. But this will also happen if the visitor is using HTTPS on the other side of Flexible SSL.

Judging by the spike in your CPU usage and Entry Process usage, I suspect it’s a configuration issue in Joomla. Unfortunately, I don’t have enough experience with Joomla to say what the configuration issue could be.


@Admin Thank you very much for your help and assistance. After I sent this message both websites were suspended for 24 hours because I apparently hit the entry process limits, maybe that’s somehow related to the bad behavior of the website yesterday.

The strange thing is that I implemented a very small plugin that what it does is compress css, html, javascript and even images to reduce the number of requests, the size of the site and therefore its impact on the server. To achieve all this, the plugin merges different files of the same extension into one (that is, if I have 3 .css files it turns them into one and also compresses it). I also customized the .htaccess file to optimize how the site works.

I was wondering, is there any way to keep track of these input processes in real time? Maybe that way I can understand what triggers all this, I don’t want to have any more problems.

Finally, it’s worth clarifying that both sites have just been uploaded and are clean Joomla installations, from scratch. Cloudflare was configured in Full mode, but it didn’t work (it showed error 525 ssl handshake failed), so I switched it to flexible mode because I did some research in this forum and that’s what they recommended, and apparently it worked fine. Thank you very much again for all your help and support!

This is strange, I went into the cPanel to see if there was more information on what caused the suspension, and I noticed that the graphics never reach the red line, this is the last measurement:

Please note that the graphs summarize usage by date, but the actual limit counters are not reset at midnight. So if your usage starts to spike in the evening and continues through the night, it can go through the daily allocation quickly and make you wake up to a suspended site. But since only a part of the usage was generated yesterday and the numbers from today haven’t been collected and plotted yet, the graph doesn’t show you hit the limit.

Yes, I understand that this is confusing. It’s a bit of a design oversight.

In any case, we don’t provide detailed counters and usage snapshots on free hosting. The statistics on premium hosting show more details, but still won’t point out a domain, website or script generating the usage. This is explained in more detail in the CPU usage article.

But if you installed a plugin and now your website is suspended, that does make it likely that both events are related.

I don’t know how your compression plugin works, but if it minifies your static files on the fly by serving them through a PHP script, then that’s likely the culprit. While doing so saves you a bit of bandwidth, serving the raw files from storage without any processing is dirt cheap, starting a PHP script for every CSS request is a lot more expensive.


Thank you very much for your reply @Admin, now I understand better the panorama. I joined this hosting just a few days ago and I was researching on my own in the forum, but there were things that were confusing to me, thank you very much for clarifying the picture. Kind regards and stay safe!

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