Error 504 Ray ID: 4af48869095f8cc4 • 2019-02-26 18:40:10 UTC Gateway time-out

I am facing problem when I am trying to add a new hosting account over InfinityFree control panel (not Cpanel).
I easily added first one which was based on free subdomain (
With second one, based on my own domain name (with already changed correct DNS) I was getting

Error 504 Ray ID: 4af49a5d88668cc4 • 2019-02-26 18:52:25 UTC

Gateway time-out… but somehow in right time I got it to work.

Now, after 20 hours, when I am trying to add the third (last one of 3 allowed), also based on my own domain the issue of same error still persist…?!
Does anyone know solution or reason for that?
Thank`s for the answers,

Are you using cloudfare? cloudfare can cause problems some times

no, it was fresh and clean adding but as I mention it is adding account under InfinityFree control panel where user can add hosting account where is no option to activate cloudflare.Cloudflare option you have under
It is looks like primary InfinityFree control panel use it and have issue with cloudflare…
I got cloudflare connection issue for last 24 hours:
" Browser Working >>> Vienna Cloudflare Working >>> Host Error"
… so obviously is some issue on infinityfree side…

I poked through the logs of the client area and I think I understand what was going on.

Around the time you got the error, I see a lot of logs saying the Create Account request is really slow. Based on the logs, the client area was waiting for a response from the hosting platform. While the client area patiently waited for the hosting platform to say whether the account could be created or not, Cloudflare gave up and didn’t think a response would come. Which is the Timeout error you saw.

While getting an error is not very nice of course, this is not an immediate cause for concern. The client area code kept running just fine in the background, and should have created and processed your hosting without any problems.

I’m going to check if there is anything we can do with the timeouts to prevent this error from happening again.

Thank you for clarification… but issue still persist.Is there any other way to add new domain?
Probably not… or ?

I’m sorry, you’re lost me here. In your message, I only read an error message about an error message you saw, which I explained.

But if there is anything which still doesn’t work right now, can you please clarify what that is? You say you’re having trouble adding a domain? What do you see when you try to add it? And which domain name are you trying to add?

under “Login to your account - InfinityFree” I want to add “new account” with my own domain name.
First day when I opened account with infinityfree (4 days ago) I try to add my own domain name where I was getting cloudflare Error 504 (524) Ray - time out - but upon trying and trying several times I successfuly added my first domain… but when I want to try to add my second domain same way … till today I am still geting same error as described at first post - cloudflare time out.It would be nice if is there any solution to attach screenshot of that… " Browser Working >>>; Vienna Cloudflare Working >>> Host Error"
In fact “adding new account” where I type my domain name and click on “create account” is timed out before “script” in fact realy add domain name and regresh page with new credentials.

OK, I’ve poked a bit in the logs and I think I know what happened.

To save you all the technical details, the root cause of the problem is that the nameservers of the domain name you’re trying to add are invalid (and very broken). Please update the nameservers of your domain to point to us and you should be able to add the domain.

I do that the same way like with first domain name where works but didn`t work on the next ones…
Now I will delet your nameservers for 24 hours and then add them again and will see what will happen…

Just to be sure we’re talking about the same domain, I’m looking at the status of The nameservers for this domain are currently configured to point to, and, which are broken.

You say you’re removing our nameservers first, but I have not seen your domain point to our nameservers yet.

So either we’re talking about different domains, or talking about different nameserver settings.

… because I added your nameservers without checking from registrar site - same like for first domain ( where actually worked well … but on that somewhere stucked because in my registrar CP I changhed olld DNS data with yours at the same time for all of my domains so I have only yours nameservers.
So in meantime (last 24h) while we discuss about issue I successfuly added next one.So adding works but sometimes obviously takes much more time then usually.I also realized that cloudflare issue was solved.
So I think we can close this topic and thank you for your help!

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