Error 502


I joined up tonight and got activated then I installed the phpbb from the addons in the control panel. That is the only thing I have installed and the system did the install. Then I went out for a walk and when I returned I noticed it was giving me an error 502.

Why am I getting this being the whole website at the moment is only the forum that the system installed I have not uploaded anything except one theme folder and that isn't even activated yet as I am getting 502 and note I was getting the 502 before I even uploaded the theme so I know it is not related to the theme files as was happening before they were uploaded even.

Can't even get the page to load to see the theme in my styles list.

Thoughts as I guess this free host does not offer support tickets like other free hosts do! :/ :(

Well guess no support at all will just have to find another host I guess!!

I can take a look at it. Which website are you referring to?