Error 502 Gateway nginx

Website URL , its a family investing website.

Error Message

The site loads for a while and then gives an 502 Gateway nginx error.

Other Information

I have using Amazon for a while with this files and always have worked pretty great, but when I intergrated the website files here, is giving me this problem.

This problem always occours when the website needs to send an email or send sms.

The website uses PHPMailer and as SMTP uses Yandex SMTP.

I know its not an DNS problem because database, website respondes as we can see at

I dont know if its an script problem because it was running perfectly on Amazon AWS. And I have looking at it and I didnt notice any programming problem, and looks like neither VS Code does.

So I dont know what to do more, i got run out of ideas, so I need suggestions.

Ps: Im a brand new Web Developer haha’ go smooth with the answers.

Works like a charm to me! Q: You are already on a cloud hosting (amazon) so why switch?

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The problem is when is needed to send an email or send sms :confused:
Like password recovery.

Q: You are already on a cloud hosting (amazon) so why switch?
Give it a try to save some money :grimacing:

Didnt work well

Oh Well. We dont provide email accounts due to spam :frowning:

So, SMTP email and Twilio Client dont work?

smtp will work

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