Error 502 - Bad Gateway

I am trying to reach the website When trying to open it I get the error message 502 bad gateway. How to solve the problem?
Kind regards

No issue



I checked your site and I do see the 502 Bad Gateway error on first page load. After a refresh, it’s fine.

I also see that your website is using WordPress along with Elementor (always a bad idea, it’s a really heavy plugin) and a backup plugin. Specifically, Duplicator, which is a plugin that costs at least $99 per year it seems.

Seeing how you can afford to pay so much for just a plugin to keep your data safe, you may also want to keep your data even more safe by switching to premium hosting. It will cost much less than that plugin and do a lot more to help keep your site safe and fast.

And if you didn’t pay that for the plugin, note that we do not allow backup plugins, and we also do not allow pirated software on our hosting. So please remove that plugin immediately.


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