Error 502 Bad Gateway on every websites /

Error Message


Other Information

Same errors with vexcited (dot) epizy (dot) com, etcc
even on epizy (dot) com

Nous aussi nous nous somme rendu compte du problème sur notre plus gros site (

translate by mod : We also realized the problem on our biggest site

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Sur tous les sites d’infinityfree enfaite je viens de voir
Il y a une autre personne qui vient de publier le problème

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please speak in English.

Yea, sorry, i said:
I think the problem happened on every infinityfree websites

Déso mais j’ai du mal avec le français déjà alors l’anglais …


me to i have the problem
moi aussi j’ai le prob ¯_(ツ)_/¯

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Related or not, but I just uninstall Drupal and want to install Joomla again :smiley:
But this :confused:

it is an unrelated issue.

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i think it’s because the servers are down maybe

Sorry then :frowning:


You don’t have to be sorry for my informing :)

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Du coup ça refonctionne ! :smile:

Yes ! parfait

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The websites are working now as i view it. Did you still experienced it?

Seems to be a temporary server hiccup. It should work now

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