Error 502 and 504... No Wordpress Access

Hello how are you?
Can anyone support me?
I’m having problems with my website. He has already been suspended for going over the limit and then returned to normal.
But now, I can’t even get into the CPANEL right, a lifetime -to get access to the panel.
And all I wanted was to be able to enter my wordpress site and be able to back up my contents, but I’m not even able to access the wordpress admin panel.
Once I manage to get in there and get my contents, I promise to leave the hosting and goodbye headache.
Do you have a solution for error 502 and 504?
I urgently need to leave the hosting, but first I need to access my contents to retrieve it.
Does anyone have a suggestion?
Thank you in advance for your attention.

Please follow the template next time.

What is the URL?
Is your account suspended?


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