Error 500 in PlayTube Script

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: In Opera Error 500 and in Firefox a Blank Page

I’m using this software: PlayTube Script (PlayTube - The Ultimate PHP Video CMS & Video Sharing Platform by DoughouzForest), FileZilla Client (Last Version - 9/5/2019), Opera (Last Version - 9/5/2019) and Firefox (Last Version - 9/5/2019)

Additional information:
I already tried to solve it by guiding me through your article (, but it did not work.

Video streaming is against the TOS. So it might be an automatic blocking system I didn’t know about, or just a coincidence. Either way, you shouldn’t try to use Streaming scripts on InfinityFree.

The Script worked previously, but I updated the version I had to a more recent one and that’s when this happened.

I think that’s a good sign you should stop hosting that software with us, because we don’t allow video sharing sites. Please remove that script from your website, so I don’t have to do it for you instead.

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But the videos are imported using the embed code, that is, they are not hosted on the platform, even so, is this invalid?.

If the videos are only embedded from another site, and the videos themselves do not violate any laws (e.g. pirated movies), then it should be fine.

That said, the script you linked to seems to be a video uploading site which actually processes and stores the videos, which is definitely not allowed.

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Currently the Import Option is used, which is placing the embed, the option to Upload Videos is planned to be used in the future but when we update the Account to iFastnet.

iFastNet, like almost all website hosting services, do not allow video upload sites either.

Video upload sites consume an excessive amount of disk space, bandwidth and processing power, so very few hosting providers allow it. It’s a specialty product. The providers who do allow it are either very expensive, or simply don’t care about server stability and have no problems letting you overload the systems.

I want you to delete this topic of mine from the forum ( Error 500 in PlayTube Script ), it is unnecessary and you will not be able to help others.

It may help others who are trying to host the PlayTube software on free hosting. That’s why we almost never delete topics.

The great thing about a community forum is that even very specific questions from someone might help others who encounter similar issues. That’s why we don’t delete questions and answers after the topic author’s problems have been solved.

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