Error 500 Community builder

I’m trying to install Community Builder in Joomla on my site ( but I get error 500. Below is the log: is being installed. failed to install! [hide](javascript: void(0):wink:

500 -

Installer is cleaning up.

Installer cleaned up successfully

Please help

Welcome @Watton69 :slightly_smiling_face:

Sorry @Watton69 :slightly_frowning_face: I didn’t read you post closely enough, google is your friend I found this What is Community Builder

I can’t help you :flushed: Apologize


Some larger plugins cannot be installed through the web interface because of limits set on PHP execution. In that case, the best workaround is to install the plugin by hand.

Simply download the plugin to your own computer and extract the archive there. Then, open an FTP connection to your account with an FTP client of your choice (like FileZilla), navigate to the components/extensions/plugins folder of your software and upload the extension to it. After the upload has completed, you can finish the installation through the Joomla admin interface.

Either Joomla or the extension itself may have more detailed instructions about what you should upload to where.


I’ve tried this but it still fails.

No worries

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