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This is what the search and replace for your sql file look like.


You can “drop” the 6 sql tables using drop command


  1. Replaced the wpc1 with wpqv.
  2. Then I’ll drop the 6 tables like this?

Yes, we then proceed to import your edited sql file.



All your posts shd appear. You just need to tweak your settings

Okay, should I save it as is? Or I will save it as a new file? If I’ll save it as a new file what willl I name it? Would I name it to the same “epiz” username thing with the current database?

Up to you.
Maybe Newpost.sql?

So, I have imported the new .sql, all is good. Except I have two warnings.

I uploaded the Notepad file to Google Drive once again because for some reason this website has too much restriction for new users lol. I


I believe shd be replace wp1c with wpqv. That’s why your posts did not appear.
You can confirm by showing your database

Hi, could we discuss this matter in my email?
[email protected]

I don’t have much allowed posts left. I’m worried that I can’t solve this problem by today as we are due to present this to our professor tomorrow.

That is the current database.

Also, how can I fix that? I just followed your instructions.

I also need to leave soon.
Does your previous WordPress contain any comment?

Yes, it does have content.

You can:-

  1. Export the comments (commentmeta and comments) from previous database.
  2. Change the previous prefix to current prefix
  3. Import comments into current database

Can you give me detailed steps on how I could do that?

Export previous comment tables



Open the sql file and to do search and replace the prefix

Save the sql file and drop comment tables in existing Wordpress.

Import and edited comment table into existing WordPress.


I have managed to display some WordPress pages (using test site).

Did you follow the instructions exactly?



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