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Hello beginner in code I hosted a personal project on infinity free. Except that for no reason (at least that I can’t see) a 404 error keeps popping up when I want to start a normal/classified/infinite game. So when I launch one of these 3 games, it doesn’t seem to open a new page. The code for the 3 sites is the same as for the launch.

the code for my buttons :

    <form action="start" method="post">
        <button type="submit" class="nes-btn is-warning" id="demarage" name="demarage">Lancer une partie normale</button>
    <form action="start_cl" method="post">
        <button class="nes-btn is-error" id="demarage_cl" name="demarage_cl">Lancer une partie classee</button>
    <form action="infini" method="get">
        <button class="nes-btn is-success" id="infini" name="infini">Mode infini</button>


thank you for your feedback !

url :

Welcome to the forum!

Can you double check that the files “start”, “start_cl”, and “infini” exist? This article might also help:


thank you for your reply and for the page you shared (I’ve already read it to see if my error was in it).
The infinite start and start_cl pages don’t exist because my shifumi executes in my index.
when the user clicks on the start_cl form I test in an if if $_POST[‘start_cl’] exists. if yes the game starts.

I believe you misunderstand how forms work.

The “action” attribute of a form tells the browser to redirect to the page that “action” is set to. To access $_POST["start_cl"] you would have to have an input with name="start_cl". Please read an article on PHP form handling:


Thanks, I’ll go and read all about it. On my machine it works fine but maybe it’s just something you shouldn’t do. And that it only works in localhost and not on a hosting.

It works perfectly!!! thank you very much.
since you seem to know a lot about it, i’d like to ask you a second question: do you know why my css bugs a lot? Some styles display very badly, which doesn’t happen on my localhost.

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Sure, what CSS is causing that problem?


I don’t know, for example my title isn’t displayed correctly, on my site it’s not centered, and the same goes for my profile. I think it only reads part of my css code.

Check the console for any errors and check how the styles are applied to the elements.


sorry for this question but … where is the console please?

Right click on your mouse, click on Inspect (or press Ctrl+Shift+I or Cmd+Option+I if you’re on Mac), then select Console.




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your website has a lot of errors

you call this file and that file does not exist

besides that, try not to name the folders with a dot if it is a folder at all and not some error


Copy the source code and paste it here on the validator and see how many catastrophic errors you have The W3C Markup Validation Service


To properly see all the things in the console, you need to turn on all this in the options
and then do a refresh

and then look where you have 302 (under which REQ) which then mentions the InfinityFree error page - which actually says that file does not exist e.g. 404


Just look at how much html , head and body you have