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Olá, sou do Brasil falo só portugues :frowning: Venho pedir uma ajuda…

Quero transferir um multi site de uma outra conta infnity free… ja fiz o upload da pasta do site para a pasta HTDOCS no gerenciador de arquivos… já fiz tambem a importação do banco de dados tudo certo, e tambem mudei a URL e dominio no banco de dados, acredito que seja só isso. Ao tentar entrar no site aparece so essa imagem e eu nao sei o que esta ocorrendo, ja estou quase desistindo do infinity :frowning:

Hello. Please type in English or use an online translator. Thanks.

You say you are moving a ‘multi-site’, but what kind of site is this? An HTML site, a WordPress site? Also, InfinityFree is not at fault here, as you would have this same issue with other hosts.

Please add a bit more detail to the problem (In English please), and ill see what I can do.

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It needs to be called htdocs, in all lowercase. Almost all web hosting servers use a Linux operating system, which means files are case sensitive. If you name it HTDOCS, the server won’t recognize it as your website folder and not load the files.


site wordpress

Please read Admins post

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