Error 404 image doesn't appear

Buenos dias/tarde/noche tengo un error con mi hosting subo la imagen, y la busco en el navegador y no aparece me manda
Mi sitio web es
esta es la url de la imagen pero me meto hay y no sale la imagen, aparece que no estuviese en el hosting

quiero ayuda con eso no se porque no carga la imagen espero la ayuda

Hi and welcome to this forum! Please note that this is an English community forum, and so you must speak in English or at least provide a machine translation of your content. Since you didn’t do both, I already translated the title, and will translate the message in a quote for you:

The image is literally called useron.gif and not useron32.gif as for this screenshot. Maybe you’re trying to upload a 32x32-sized useron.gif but it doesn’t upload due to either FTP connection errors or exceeding the file size or INODE limit? If so try to correct the URL to the useron.gif image to point to that file and not on useron32.gif.


perdon la imagen que quiero que se muestre es me equivoque de url el 32 no es lo que quiero que aparezca es useron.gif perdon por equivocarme con la url

I said before:

but you ignored it. I will also translate the next message for you:

Try to clear Cloudflare cache and browser cache; also on which part of page will you be getting the useron.gif?

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