Error 404: can't load index.html

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The browser is redirected to # 404 Not Found (because of .htaccess at the root path)

Other Information

I try everything I found on the forum and you repeat that: Get .htaccess on the root, get another .htaccess on the htdocs and put the index.html.

I just want to run the resource and after that I can put my website.

Thank you

I checked your account and it seems that the directory this domain is linked to is missing. If you check the Domains page in the client area, you’ll see that the domain name is linked to the directory But if you check the file manager, you’ll see there is no directory at all.

And because the server cannot find any files for your website, you see a 404 Not Found error.

To fix this, simply create the missing folder by hand and upload your website files to it. Or just create the folder, and then move the htdocs folder into it.


Thank you, I just fix the issue.

When I get the website project, I saw the directory and htdocs at the same level (root) so I made the wrong choice and delete the subdomain directory.

Now it’s ok, I got :

  • My root with .htaccess and my subdomain directory
  • In my subdomain directory, I got an .htaccess and my index.html with all the dependencies.

All my .htaccess got “DirectoryIndex index.html”.

Now it works perfect.


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