Error 403, Welcome page and Site Cannot Be Reached

Website URL and same name but with great site(dot)net extension &

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Error Message

403 Forbidden for onecasinoportal in great site

Welcome page for: www.onecasinoportal in wauze

And Site can’t be reach for: onecasino in great-site

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Other Information
I am using these domain as custom domain for my google site project. Onecasino one was working fine for few weeks, until I’ve mistakenly added it to a new project, because as you can see the URLs are similar in names. After rebinding it to its original google site, it can’t be access anymore with error “This site can’t be reached”

As for the other 2 sites, I’ve bound them to the same google site project (this is the new project I was referring to above) but both are not working with different error message.

Can anyone help me?

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You can only use our subdomains for our hosting platform, exceptionally also on Premium Hosting from iFastNet when you migrate, and nowhere else other than those. If you want to host your website on Google Sites, please consider getting your own domain name from a reputable domain registrar or from a free domain service like the one I’ve shown after this phrase. If you’re going to use, please also consider signing up for a DNS service like ClouDNS to add a record management panel for your domain there so you can add Google Sites’ records.


Was this due to the recent change?

The site was working until only today when I made a mistake binding the old subdomain to the new project. And I can’t make that subdomain work again even after binding it back to google site.

No, in fact, I believe that using a free subdomain with Google sites has always been possible, and still is. Google sites only requires TXT verification, and only a CNAME record is needed to point the domain to them, both of which are possible on free hosting with a free subdomain.

Can you verify that the CNAME records that Google requires to be set are actually set in the control panel?


This one seems to be working fine again, after few minutes of me adding it back to google site.

Just the other websites, even though I was able to verify CNAME records properly to both.

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