Error 403 On accessing paytm payment gateway

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it’s a peanut butter ordering site

Error Message

i’m getting when a user tries to check out via paytm
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I’m sorry, but I only see a login page on that URL, no 403 page.

It has been suspended? :thinking:

yes if a user is logged in, they can access the cart where they have the option to checkout via a payement gateway called paytm. But when user is redirected to paytm, 403 was shown.
and now my account is suspended for 23 hours for too much sql queries ?!? :confused:

Usually, payment gateway uses API call to interact on your site.
After the gateway POST query to payment service, the service responds that POST action via API (JSON/XML) then POST back to the gateway/your site.
But your site/this hosting does not allow API call that POST by other side.

Or maybe error from that payment service side?

So can you give a bit more information about this “Error 403” issue? Where do you see this error? Do you see the 403 error on your own site before being able to access the payment gateway? Or do you see it after being redirected to PayTM? Or after completing the payment there?

The payment API callback is a good suggestion @adisp007, as that would not work, but I would be surprised you would see the response code during the payment process already.


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