Hello admin and forum, I was reading the forum and I see that I have the same problem as other people, I managed to install my site with its corresponding database, I managed to enter the front-end and the back-end 1 time, then I couldn’t anymore, I wonder if I need to configure something from the cpanel or the htacces files, will I need an ssl certificate? a dns domain ?, already enable the browser the cookies of the site in chrome and operate, successfully enter phpmyadmin

"This page does not work The page has redirected you too many times.
Clear cookies.

Yeah same, i think something is wrong.

Hello there,

I checked your site and it seems like your site does not even exist. Did you delete your hosting account probably?


Hello, apparently there are different difficulties when entering the hosting, the servers must be working too much, I send you screenshots

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The domain name you gave us before was this:

And not this:

You probably used a machine translator and it also translated your domain to English.

This error happens because you rpbably set a .htaccess rule that will redirect your site. Your URL points to another URL and then points back to your original URL, For example:

http:// and then that’s the loop.

Check your .htaccess file and if you’re using WP make sure that your WordPress URL and Site URL are the same:

Hello and thanks apparently everything is fine in the configuration, I attach the photo of .htaccess, I have another htaccess.txt, I am using joomla the latest version. You can specify to me that I need to configure in cpanel so that I can leave the site running, maybe you need to do extra configurations.5

Hello admin and users, I have solved it by eliminating the redirection in this section of the cpanel, thanks for the support and interest, I commented that the support page is a little confusing, it would be good if images were added since when translating it some words change and give another sense, in the end I hope that admin take into account this request and make a better guide for novice users, thanks !!!

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