Hi guys, my website quinem(dot)com not working, pls help me.

The ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR means you are trying to trying to access the website over HTTPS, but your website doesn’t have an SSL certificate yet.

You basically have two options to fix this:

  • You can install an SSL certificate on your domain name. You can use our SSL Certificates tool in the client area to get a certificate for free.
  • You can update your website configuration to not redirect people to HTTPS anymore.

Hi, I had installed a free SSL (plugin) in my wp-admin.

I use Really Simple SSL.

As far as what I understand correctly you do not even have an SSL certificate on your site, I’m not sure but even that plugin said “Order an SSL certificate”?

Just because you install a WordPress plugin doesn’t mean you will already have an SSL certificate installed on your site. I also checked your site using an SSL checker and you don’t actually have an SSL certificate installed.

If you want to get a free one, you can go to the client are and on the menu you can see an “SSL Certificates” tab and just follow the instructions already provided there.


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