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Hello, yesterday at 19:00 I saw the ERR_SSL_PROTOCOL_ERROR error on my site, when will this be fixed because I probably lost a lot of user traffic, I am a content producer and this creates a big problem for me, when I looked at the forum, the admin offered several solutions to this situation, but I did not get any results although I tried them.

Hi and welcome to the forum! For me your website works fine and also has a SSL certificate installed. Maybe try using a different browser or incognito mode?


In addition to the above, sometimes you have mixed content

Screenshot 2024-01-11 175133

When HTTPS is used, all resources should be requested via the HTTPS protocol and not via HTTP.


Hello, I tried from another browser and it opened, but unfortunately it does not open from the normal chrome application and most of my followers use chrome, I will try to handle it somehow, thank you for your help

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