Err_Connection_refused refused to connect.


This has been going on all weekend … please tell me what is going on … at least when the servers went down last week you had a message up telling us.

The IP address your website is hosted on seems to be nullrouted. There are various reasons why this could happen, but very often it’s caused by a DDoS attack on the particular IP address.

If so, rest assured that iFastNet’s server admins are already hard at work to try and get the websites on the IP address back online as soon as possible.

what the hell is going on - it came back up and now it is down again! is this the quality i can expect if i upgrade to paid membership?

No, because InfinityFree provides free hosting. We don’t provide any paid hosting ourselves, and our free hosting is not the same as iFastNet’s paid hosting. After all, why would we charge money if we give the exact same service away for free?

Also, to quote our home page:

Is InfinityFree a demo, trial or sample for premium hosting?

Absolutely not! InfinityFree is fully featured, completely free website hosting. We provide promotional offers for alternative, premium services for people looking for more, but their services are very different. InfinityFree is not a representation of these offers.

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