My website URL is:
What I’m seeing is:


I’m using this software:
Chrome and FTP. FTP is now working. The site is still down.

Additional information:
I initially assumed my problem was related to the outage but it’s been many days and the FTP started working again.

HMMM !!!

I’m just kidding :smile:

good assumption - Look at the text in the big blue box on the top of the forum

Hopefully that’s it. I just saw that it would be resolved in hours so that made me think my issue may be different since it has lasted days.

I understand :wink:

It’s published today, so expect everything to be ok in the next few hours

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but it is days like this … began for me on Sunday. (was the last time I accessed my site)

ERR_CONNECTION_REFUSED can also be (and mostly is) due to wrongly configured SSL and other protocols and ports. Try reverting the changes you made before you got this error.

Thanks for that. I do believe it may be SSL related. I can change my .htaccess file to force https and it will do that even though the site is down.

@KnoxFintech everything’s fine with your website and sorry if my joke was not welcome
(in difficult times I wanted to bring some fun)

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