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I have created file named 324.html which works on webtools, i have uploaded to ftp and it seems work at first try, but not after which keep saying eror 404 not found.

Correct link should be

which will show this


If the file 324.html doesn’t referred inside index file, will it still work?

If you want to access the correct page, you need to use the correct url


Still didn’t work, what i dont understand is the file 324.html alreafy exist. :sweat_smile:

It’s very simple. If you uploaded a file called 324.html, the page will be accessible on the URL The URL requested in the browser matches the location of the file.

If you request the URL, the server will look for a directory called 324 and if it exists, look for a file called index.php or index.html in that directory. If either the directory or the index file does not exist, the URL will not work.

That’s how servers match page URLs to files. Servers don’t “kinda guess what file could maybe be relevant looking at some significant portion of the URL”.

If you want it to work differently, you can do so with .htaccess rules. With .htaccess rules, you can completely customize how URLs are mapped to files. However, then you have to write the rules on how that should work.


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