Epizy.com Wont Leave

So i’m trying to get Drupal V8 Working so that i can set up a Gaming Forum Website, But i cant get the damn Epizy Default Website to stop showing up. I then Tried with Joomla and the same thing is happening, i’m using the recommended Softaculous Site to install these features and i can see them being installed ( i see it creating the database and all that) but they just aren’t working properly. Even the like http://sosia.epizy.com/drupal Just shows the default Epizy Page & http://sosia.epizy.com/joomla30 is the same thing.

I’m just looking for a easy to use Forum Website creator and was recommend to you guys, but this is far from easy when the damn thing just doesn’t work.(Installing with all the defaults on the ‘Quick Install’ Page).

Hello there @DemonFiendz and welcome to the forum!

From my side, it looks like the installation has been successfully executed, and the website is up and visible in the way as it should be.

This most likely was a caching issue on your side, that caused it to happen, therefore now it must have fixed on your device as well.

Just to clarify, which “default Epizy Page” do you mean? Do you mean the “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page or the “Related Links” page?

The “Let’s Make Something Awesome” page should only be visible on the main page of your website, and not subdirectories.

The Related Links page is shown by default on unused subdomains, and may still be visible on new subdomains for up to 72 hours. You can read more about how that works here:


i’ll wait another day, its been 24hrs now and it still shows the image ive attached. (Related Links Page).

ive included the URL so that you guys can also see that i am infact on the Drupal page like it says i should be. its the same thing with joomla, just the URL is different.

Also incase someone asks to make sure its the correct location/url

It seems to work fine for me:

I would suggest clearing your browser’s cache and/or your DNS cache.

I’m having the same problem. It’s been over 72 hours. Is there a system problem here?

To my knowledge, no. Otherwise, @DemonFiendz website wouldn’t be accessible by anyone, but it is working for @anon54841129 and for myself. And so is your website, by the way.

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