epizy.com is blocked on Facebook

Hi Admin,

Kindly check, epizy.com is now blocked on Facebook.
It was working before, i was able share link having this domain name before but now its blocked.
Sites with FacebookConnect login is also not working now.

Hoping you can do something on these.

Thank you!

posting or sharing other sites is working, its just epizy.com is blocked on Facebook.
Can you try to replicate the issue?
Also if you’re using facebookconnect or facebook login to your site under epizy.com domain it won’t work anymore.

Facebook blocks free hosting providers for some reason. We have tried to contact them to ask them about it, but they have never responded.

@Possum said:
Facebook dont block any of my X10 Hosting Free Accounts, i use those links every day. ?

If Facebook would reply to one of our messages for a change, I’d be happy to share why they really block our domains. But they never reply. So I can only guess.

Hi Admin,

Is there any way for you to resolve this? or just create a new sub domain that is not blocked by FB?

It’s probably because somebody hosted here shared some adult content on fB and then somebody else on fb reported it to facebook which then decided to block epizy. Really sucks though because InfinityFree/Epizy are my favorite free host!