Epizy.com & Database Server is down

What’s the best thing that we can do right now? My sites are important for my business. Please TT

Don’t worry. In my website I have a database view of my website’s database. And good thing is that all data are present as it is till now. The file manager is working. If you want to back up your database write a code and upload. then run that file/page.
Example: From =>How to backup MySQL database in PHP? - Stack Overflow

    $filename='database_backup_'.date('G_a_m_d_y').'.sql';$result=exec('mysqldump database_name --password=your_pass --user=root --single-transaction >/var/backups/'.$filename,$output);

That’s great to hear. Anyway, any good news about this server down?

Bro how to report that? I’ll help report too

My Website is down

create a new ticket at https://support [dot] ifastnet [dot] com/new_ticket.php


tried loading another site I made but got same error
and I got this after refreshing it a few times

Screenshot 2021-06-02 234939

I tried following the steps in this video

but couldn’t save file in online file manager. I tried finding wp-config file in filezilia but couldn’t find it
@Admin could you please do fix this/do something about this? thanks

Same issue, first showed database error then changed wp-config.php apparently fist lines were missing but I’m still receiving the same database error

Thanks. A question, when it’s all normal again, how to know it? Will it appear like usual or do we have to do something in control panel first?

epizy and their database server is down, that’s why infinityfree’s hosted site’s are unable to connect with database. hopefully it will be solved soon.

I tink the database is gone (for now)

I think they’re fixing it right now. Please be patient.

But i don’t know if all of the database will be safe.

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Admin is replying…

I did some investigation. This is what I found:

  • epizy.com is hard to reach down because one of the nameservers is down.
  • There seem to be intermittent issues with the database server of the control panel.
  • Possibly as a consequence, the hosting API is down too, meaning a lot of control panel functionality is not available.

I’m not aware of any issues with any website databases themselves. I do see some mentions of that here but nobody included a website URL so it’s impossible to say (PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE PEOPLE ALWAYS INCLUDE A URL, DOMAIN NAME OR SOMETHING ELSE THAT CAN BE CHECKED).

My guess is that this is a consequence of the nameserver issues. If so, you could change your database hostname from sqlXXX.epizy.com to sqlXXX.infinityfreeapp.com, which has a different nameserver setup.

That said, all of these issues will be solved by iFastNet. So far, there is nothing to suggest that any data loss will occur.


oh sorry admin, I forgot to include the link, this is the address of my website which was affected by the downtime of this database server (https://help.haikalfikri.ga)

Sorry too, Admin. My website is https://sidosubur.com/. Looking forward to any good news of it, thanks

This is my http://the-last-h.ml Hope my database is safe…

One of my website unfortunately uses WordPress. I hope the database will be safe, else my website will be completely ruined.


I thought I was the only one having this problem

http://playndearn.rf.gd (works fine)

but the part to connect to database (http://playndearn.rf.gd/login.php) doesn’t and database seems to be missing in control panel. Looking forward to any good news of it, thanks.

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