Entry Process limit hit

My website URL is: https://www.bubblebreaker.ml/index.html

What I’m seeing is: Entry Process limit hit

I’m using this software: I’m making my website in Tumult Hype 4

Additional information: None

I started getting e-mails today that my account limits are exceeding (username: epiz_24393882). It had not mentioned which, so, I ignored them. Now, my account shows suspended and I checked to read about Entry Process limit (on InfinityFree knowledge base) because it mentioned that my account exceeded Entry Process limits. The page talks about PHP scripts, and only PHP scripts, but, my case is that, I don’t have even a single PHP script on my website. My website is purely HTML and JavaScript. Does rendering JavaScript also count against the limit? Also, as I see the graph in client area, it just suddenly rises up, exceeds the limit and then comes down. Before that, it was all 0.

I’m not saying, re-activate my account before those 24 hours. It’s a fair rule for everyone considering it’s free already. I’d just like some more info so I can prevent it in future.

Hmm, this is a surprise to me too. I always thought high entry process usage was caused by long running PHP scripts. In theory, all requests (even to static files) generate entry processes, but I would expect the daily hit limit would shut accounts down before entry processes became a problem. It appears my assumption was wrong.

Did you get a sudden burst of traffic by any chance? That might result in entry process failures, if many requests need to be processed at the same time. Since you’re using Cloudflare, do their traffic stats should anything unusual?

Well, Cloudflare shows that, in an hour, my requests went up from 0 to 388, then in the next hour, came back to 64, then 74 and finally 2 before reaching 0. These were the stats of last 24 hours.

I checked last month’s stats, and was surpirsed that the maximum requests made to my website are 3.14k, but, when my website actually shut down, they were just 1.2k.

Hmm, this may mean your account actually got a sudden traffic spike causing it to hit the concurrent process limits. Since Cloudflare totalizes the number of requests per hour, it’s hard to say whether it was a single spike or not, but it doesn’t rule out the burst of traffic.

That’s entirely possible. A month with almost no traffic and a single burst at one time may cause you to hit the entry process limits. A more constant traffic rate won’t cause so much strain on the servers, so your website can handle more traffic if it’s spread out over the day.


Oh, well. Thanks for the information.

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