**My website URL is:**onlineteach.epizy.com

What I’m seeing is: not seen my site in google search

**I’m using this software:**php

Additional information: not showing any result in google search

Hello there,

You still need to add your site to the Google Search Console and verify that you own that site.

  1. Go to Google Search Console
  2. Press Start and then Login to your Google Account. It should redirect you to the search console once you logged in.
  3. Add your Domain
  4. Verify it

Hope this helps!

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You might check this from the knowledge base here at InfinityFree, click the green letters at the top of every page KNOWLEDGE BASE I typed in “site not showing in google search” clicked search and found the item below, it has step by step instructions.

There’s a huge amount of information in the knowledge base if we look for it. :sunglasses:


how much time take to update the whole work? verifying successful but not get the site in google search?

Hello there,

It depends and it usually takes a few days or even just hours for Google to index your site.
Also keywords also affect, if you just searched the title of your site “Online teach” then your site will unlikely not show up as it will list many popular sites containing those keywords.
But if you search by using your full domain name then your site will show up:

Also submit a sitemap of your site to Google, it will slightly help with your SEO.


if i purchase a domain then what will be the result?

What do you mean about “purchase a domain”?
Like buying a .com? .net?

Well using a premium domain will be much more SEO friendly than using a free domain since free domains are often abused by people.


yes like .com or .net domain… then can i find the domain in google search?

Yes of course you can but you still need to add them to the search console too. Even free domains can be listed on Google too.


Having your own paid domain generally gives you better search engine positioning than a free domain or free subdomain. Many spam sites are created on free subdomains, which penalizes the performance of the legitimate sites too.

But note that you can’t buy the top search result by getting a domain name. Good content and popularity are still the key factors, not the domain name you use.


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