Enable php_Proc function

hello please enable enable php_proc function. please i need it for my project

Command line access is not allowed on free hosting, so php_proc as well as any other command line related function (e.g. shell_exec, exec, system, proc_open) are disabled. If you need command line access, please consider to upgrade your account.

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thank you for your reply. i am student. i don`t have enough money to upgrade my account. can you provide me a free upgrade. it will be useful for my college project.
hoping for a positive reply from your side.
thank you

I’m sorry, but the free hosting is all we can give you for free. Even though you may not have any money, server space and development time does cost money, so there is only so much we can provide for free.

There are some companies who provide plans or extended trials to students looking to learn more about IT. GitHub has collected a bunch of them here: https://education.github.com/pack But we don’t have anything free for students outside of our regular free hosting offer.

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