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I’m new to hosting websites, and recently migrated from wordpress as a host due to restrictions. I’m looking to add email subscriptions, so people can recieve a notificaiton once a new post goes up. Found out it was a part of jetpack, which I (no matter what I try) can’t get working on the site. (it’s some problem with my xmlrpc.php file). Are there any alternatives I could use, or is there a way to get jetpack working?

There are probably better plugins out there then Jetpack. Jetpack gets blocked by security systems here, and is resource intensive (could lead to suspensions).

I would find a plugin that only does subscription management (Or just find a contact form plugin and manage emails yourself). Note that if you want to send emails from free hosting, you’ll need an SMTP plugin (As the mail() function is disabled here)


ah. I’ve got WP Mail SMTP plugin installed, and configured to gmail. I’m not sure how to get it to work as a subscription… I’ve also got PublishPress Planner, but I’m completely lost as how to do it myself. as I post frequently, I’m worried managing emails myself might be a little tedious.

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