Email receiving problem

I got as my MX record
I receive email from gmail
I do not receive email from instagram to get back to my account
On webmail there is no junk folder

Any Idea how to find the reason behind this


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It might be possible that popular services blackmail certain email addresses (such as ones with free domain like, to stop spam.

Try sign up for something else, if that works and Instagram doesn’t, I suggest contacting Instagram’s support to help you.


Well IG support did not answer my request yet
I got .ir domain which is a paid domain address

You can wait for a while after requesting a password from Instagram, because my experience might be that the message has been sent to an email address but sometimes it has a delay of a few hours

If it’s not there then try resetting the password again from Instagram and you are using the .ir domain? It should be able to arrive sooner and make sure the reset is also the same domain as Instagram

You can not reset the password if the email address is not the same even if you replace it with a paid domain, is the email address on Instagram using the .ir domain?

Yes it is the same address exactly the same
I have tried also to wait a few days
It’s disturbing

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I receive email from other website Behance is an example
I have created Junk folder

I have problem receiving email from Instagram

Can an admin from Infinity Server help to solve this issue

Can an admin from Infinity Server help to solve this issue

Not really. It’s extremely hard to debug email not being received, because I have no clue what to look for. Instagram, on the other hand, can look up a message ID of the message they sent, exact timestamps, response codes and other meta data of the message delivery. That’s a lot easier to trace than an email “from Instagram” which may or may not have been offered to our servers at all, let alone where and when.

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Well thank you for your attention
I have created a Facebook account with this email address Then I have requested a recovery email on application app

Surprised I receive this email

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