Email problem

My website URL is:

What I’m seeing is: site is working but I do not receive emails

I’m using this software: Web mail

Additional information:

I asked email support why I do not get emails and they said that domain is not delegated to DNS servers.

Your domain is serving emails from Is that correct? Did you try to use that service, or our webmail?

Yes, I asked them about the problem and they said ‘domain is not delegated to NS-servers’

And I use their service to send and receive mail for

Well, the fact that your website is working fine from here tells me me that’s not true.

Also, a DNS lookup tools shows that your domain name is responding with an MX record from

So I don’t see anything on our end that could explain this issue. Could you send the link above to and ask them if that’s the correct DNS setting?

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Thanks, it works now, I don’t now why.
But the problem with DNS still exists. When I run test DNS I can see the following errors Can not get NS-record for domain.
![Warning] DNS-servers do not correspond to NS-records in zone file on server.

and the same for ns2

I’m not aware of lack of NS records causing any trouble for domains if those same nameservers respond to A, MX, etc. queries. I’m going to try to get this fixed because not having NS records is not right, but I’m not sure if it’s the cause for your email trouble.

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