Email Problem [ IMPORTANT THO ]

Hello ive setup wordpress but emails seems to not sended properlly for new orders but for user registration, it did send a notification but…
I saw this text on the very bottom line says :
“Get premium hosting from, free domain name, unlimited disk space, far too many features to list.”
Please help me remove it because you had stated "No Forced Ads

Your website is your own, we will never force advertisements on your website"

*Even tho this is email… you get the point, no ads. if theres ads here… how am i supposed to use this?

Please help me remove it thx

We do not put ads on your website. Emails are not on your website (typically).

If you don’t want ads on your emails, you could use an external email provider to send the messages using SMTP. That way, you are not restricted to sending certain specific types of email and (probably) won’t have ads in the email.