Email not working

even when I connected with TLS it didn’t work, but it’s worth a try. I’ll try now and let you know

It worked, thanks a lot, so now here comes my second question with the support system. Do I have to copy/paste the exact same thing? (the exception being the url).

For such a website, how can you do it?

I am looking to do it there too but I don’t know how to do it. I didn’t find any plugin related to this on their website.

I’m going to assume that this “support system” is not using MediaWiki, which means it has a different way to configure SMTP. As for how to configure that, just search the web for something like “$softwareName smtp settings” and you’ll find a guide on how to set that up.

But you can use the same SMTP server and credentials for both systems. Which exact parameters you need and how they are specified may differ between the scripts, so be sure to check the SMTP guide of that software carefully.


I did look for it and didn’t find anything relevant for the company itself (called HelpDeskZ). The most relevant I found was this: Vision Helpdesk SMTP Settings - Service Desk Software by Vision Helpdesk but it does not mention in which file should it be added.

For this, alright but it cannot be the same code that I used for Mediawiki, can it?

A quick poke through the HelpDeskZ demo suggests that the setting can be found in the admin panel under Setup → Email Addresses → one of your email addresses → Outgoing. There you can select to send mail with PHP mail() (which doesn’t work here) or configure SMTP.


Ahh brilliant I found it. Thanks <3 Let me try

It worked, thanks a lot <3

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