Email Not Receiveng Mx Record Added

I am not receiving emails and have added an mx record priority 10. What is the problem. Sending is fine.

My acciunt is

When did you change the MX record? Note that it can take a few hours for new DNS records to become effective due to a process called DNS propagation.

Okay thank you now i can see mail on my inbox using webmail

Okay im trying to use third party software for email but it is not connecting, i tried to select the pop3 and imap and both failed to connect. Am i missing aomething? What r the specific settings trying to use the typeapp email application. Thanks

Also, i am using email subscribers plugin by icegram on wordpress but when a subscriber subscribes, they dont get email, its not even in the spam folder. i have tried to subscribe with my other email addresses for testing purposes. In the settings, i switched from gmail adress to own domain email address still not working, then changed the default send message from wordpress wp_mail to php mail but still not working. They say there they send the emails to my server and it is my servers job to send email successfully. So im lost now.

I have found a solution to this problem after searching on google for ways to send emails from wordpress. I installed a new plugin mailpoet and used sendgrid smtp to deliver mails and it works and delivered directly to inbox not spam.